Technological line of “powder coating” of aluminium profiles, accessories and aluminium semi-products

Powder coating line is mainly used to coat welded and assembled semi-finished or final aluminium products. This line offers the possibility of painting considerable quantities and there are no limits in the production capacity compared to the anodizing line.

The manufacturing process of electrostatic powder coated aluminium products goes through specific processing steps:

Cutting process of aluminum profiles
Working center processing
Surface pre-treatment
Powder coating application
Heat curing

Working units and processes (of the powder coating line) are mainly in function of welding and assembly units, offering powder coating as a final process and guaranteeing products in Total Quality. Control process of aluminum profiles and accessories, semi-welded products and those that will be assembled by design according to the project. Products according to the required quality go through the pre-treatment process. Inspection of the quality of the final product according to Qualicoat standards.