Technological line of aluminium accessories manufacturing

Based on “know-how” technique, experienced engineering staff, qualified production specialists, factory production control procedure (FPC), this line offers ALUMINUM ACCESSORIES AND ALUMINIUM COMPONENTS produced in shapes, dimensions and for various final utilization, using aluminum alloys such as 6060, 6063, 6061, 6082 etc. Aluminium component manufacturing processes are carried out by dozens of automatic and numerically controlled machines, such as milling machines, automatic Cnc lathes, working center machines. The main elaboration processes start from the raw materials and consist of cutting aluminum profiles into small components, to be furthered elaborated such as milling, drilling, turning, threading, adjusting etc.,providing different dimensions and shapes like square, rectangular, circular, conical, elliptical etc.


The entire organization and the internal laboratory unit dedicated to the line performs internal tests before the validation of the aluminium accessory model in accordance with the production quality management system certified for years guaranteeing a qualitative production of accessories and aluminum components.


We provide to customers:

  • The possibility of realizing the prototype of the component or the accessories in aluminum in a very short time, including various technical solutions concerning the production process as well as reaching the required capacity as quickly as possible.
  • Professional technical solutions according to the client’s project requirements and quick solutions on semi-finished and finished aluminum products which then have to be produced in other work units within the company.
  • Effective cost and added value for the product, buyer and final customer.
  • Minimal tolerances in production deviations from technical approved design.
  • Strict quality control during and after each process, guaranteeing compatibility with other accessories and other aluminum profiles with which it will be welded or assembled.
  • Possibility of successful machining within the mechanical units themselves and in further elaboration of aluminum accessories such as welding of parts for specific aluminum accessory and surface treatment in polishing or powder coating enabling semi-products and finished products “Total Quality”.
  • Production of aluminum accessories and aluminium components for various fields and applications like industrial, architectural, furniture, construction, automotive and machinery with different alloys such as 6060, 6063, 6061, 6082, etc.