Flexibility of aluminium welding departments in achievement of qualitative welded products

A leading team, an experienced engineering studio and specialized staff guarantee the flexibility and rapid realization of quality welded accessories and components, aluminium welded profiles as semi-finished products and finished products in various shapes and dimensions for the company’s own product systems or according to customer requirements:

  • Semi-finished products and customized products with aluminum welding based on the design or client project
  • The opportunity to realize the prototype of the product in welded aluminum, with maximum speed and guaranteeing the fulfillment
  • Technical solutions, project development, implementation in production according to the approved design.
  • Full service for the customer, all services and processes afford from one supplier, from raw material to surface treatment with anodiz-

Some of the Aluminium products with welding “Tot quality” part of the standard products of the company are:

  • Aluminium balustrades with vertical welded panels, garden fences, railings, etc.
  • Welded aluminum truss as load-bearing structure, welded structures for formwork scaffolding, aluminum ladders, welded construction aluminum accessories, etc.
  • Welded Aluminum structure usable in furniture sector for interior and exterior applications for decorative and architectural purpose.